Monday, 3 August 2015

WW2 Heuer pilot chronograph

This is a Heuer chronograph with history. This watch was used by a Swedish war pilot during WW 2.

In May i got a email from Bo Lindbom from Sweden. He was seeking information information about an old Heuer he inhereted from his late father in law.
Bo wrote: "In the cellar after I found an old watch which after some search on the internet showed to be a Heuer military watch. The movement I supposed to be a Valjoux 22. I  had it serviced becuse it was not running when I found it due to corrosion inside the case".

Lindbom had found a 1940's Heuer chronograph ref. 349. His father in law, Gösta Nordin, used the watch during the World War 2 when he was a fighter pilot for the Swedish Air Force.

Gösta Nordin was born in 1918, and died in 1998. He was drafted to the Air Force, and got his pilot training in the south of Sweden in a town called Skåne. Later he was put in service in the "Johan Blå" wing in the same town.

A military portrait of Gösta and his Silverwings. Picture is dated 24. october 1941.

As a drafted pilot he had "Silverwings" on his uniform. The other pilots had "Goldwings" on their uniforms.

Two Swedish pilots from the same wing as Nordin was a part of.

Gösta Nordin was a fighter pilot and flew Glouster Gladiator and Reggiane Falco.
He was a fighter pilot from 1940 to 1942. Later he was a policeman in a town called Norrköping.

He always kept his old Heuer chronograph.

Gösta after a running contest 1. September 1940. The Heuer is visible on his wrist.

Thanks to Bo Lindbom for the story. Watches like this is the reason why I prefer a vintage watch and not a brand new one.

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