Monday, 4 May 2009

Autavia Ref. 1163 V

This is one of the best known Heuer chronographs, the 1163 Viceroy. This version was produced as a promotional item for Viceroy cigarettes in the 1970's. While the 1163T Autavia of the period was selling for $200, enthusiasts would buy the 1163V for $88 by sending in Viceroy coupons / proofs of purchase.

The Viceroy model (Reference 1163V) is recognized by the tachymeter bezel, the economy dial with red dots by the applied markers and white elements incorporated into the markers, brushed steel hands with red tips and luminous inserts.

This is one of the Viceroy adverts that promoted this very good deal.

The case is standard 1163 with domed plastic crystal and pushers fully visible from front, and partially hidden from the back.

The case is stamped 1163 V between the lugs. Strap size is standard 20mm. The Viceroy was sold with a black rally strap.

My Viceroy has the original vintage Heuer buckle. The originals is easy identified by the "sun" stamped on the back. The re-issue buckles from the modern Carrera and Monaco do not have this symbol.

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