Saturday, 25 October 2008

Art Deco Heuer

This is a rare one, an Art Deco styled very early 14k. gold Heuer mens watch. It is not signed Heuer anywhere, this is a Rose watch, signed “Rose W. Co” on case and movement. The watch is small, only 18mm x 30mm. To small for a man today. It is in very good original condition, even if it’s nearly 100 years old. Not bad.

In April 1912 Heuer was renamed “Heuer & co., Rose Watch co.” Charles-Auguste and Jules-Edouard at the urging of their American partner decided to use the trade name "ROSE WATCH COMPANY" on all watch movements imported into the USA. Due to high customs tariff on complete Swiss watches during this time period, Heuer would send a complete movement without a case. The movement was then installed in a US-made case.

In 1922, after ten years, Heuer stopped using the “Rose”-name. So from 1912-1922, all Heuer watches sold in USA was signed “Rose W. Co.”. A full range of pocket-, mens-, ladies watches and chronographs was marketed.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Autavia Ref. 1563

Here's my latest member of my collection. A Heuer Autavia Ref. 1563 from around 1971.

The bezel have a lot of wear, and will soon be replaced with a better one. The watch keeps good time, and I love those orange hands. I will post more when I put on the new bezel.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Mystery 2Heuer2 logo

I have a vintage Heuer up/down chronograph with a strange Heuer logo. I posted some pictures of the watch a couple of years ago at the Heuer forum, but no one had an answer. I have since then tried to collect as much info as possible, and have found some information. I have seen some claims that this was a military model, and most owners date them to late 1930's (1938) or very early 1940's.
The movement is the same on all 2HEUER2 I have found. An unsigned Venus 170. I know that Heuer produced an up/down chronograph with Valjoux 77 later, that is fully signed. None of the Val.77's that I have seen has the 2HEUER2 logo. The 2Heuer2 has Nickel case, the later Valjoux 77 has steel case.


I have just found a Heuer advert from 1942 that shows the little chronograph. This is the first time ever, I have seen any information about these chronographs. The are not military, but Heuers cheapest chronograph offer.

In the down left corner of the ad. is a little black up/down chronograph with the 2Heuer2 logo. It is listed as Ref. 3249 Nickel/Steel case back priced at Fr. 93,- It seems like it was a low-price model. A regular left/right steel chronograph with Valjoux movement was Fr. 198,-

There is at least two different dial design for Ref.3249, one with telemeter and tachymeter, and one, like mine, with a seconds scale.

This should confirm that these are genuine early Heuer Chronographs. Heuer did not sign all movements untill 1945.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Heuer triple date Ref. 1806

This is Heuers 90 year anniversary watch. It was also promoted as Heuers "Half of a Millenium" watch, as it was launced in 1950.
The ref. number is 1806 and was available in chrome, steel or goldplated. Mine is chrome and has a lot of wear.

The movement is a hammer automatic from AS. The caseback is snap on made of steel.

I love that blue "snake" hand that shows the date.