Friday, 16 January 2009

Heuer 844 French made diver.

This is one of the first Heuer made diver watches. The 844 model was made for Heuer in 1979-80 in France by G. Monnin. This was the first trial run for Heuer into the divers watch market. Heuer did not think it would be worth while tooling up for something like that so they purchased already existing models in France. As you can see the divers watch market was very successful, that they started to gear up in 1980's with swiss made movement.

The dial is printed with "MADE IN : FRANCE" on the bottom, and say : "METRES" and : "PROFESSIONEL" as opposed to : anglicized "METERS" and "PROFESSIONAL" versions of that. The hands are of cathedral type. There is also red 24 hour numeral on the dial. The case back is plain with no Heuer logo. And is stamped 844 rather crudely. "ETANCHE ACIER - 20 ATM - AUTOMATIC" is also stamped around the edge.The movement is Felsa FE 4611A and is signed G. Monnin France on the rotor. Later Swiss made Heuer divers have movements from ETA.

Inside of case back is signed G. Monnin France.

It's a full size 42mm big diver with 24hour dial and screw in unsigned crown. I like it a lot. Looks cool on a NATO strap.