Thursday, 8 January 2015

Heuer 1930s chronograph ref. 351 C/T

I have a soft spot for the Heuers that is not as popular as Monacos, Autavias and Carreras. 
I really like the early ones from the 1930s.

This winter I found a Ref. 351 C/T big (40mm) chronograph with wonderful porcelain dial and blued steel hands. 

The one pusher movement is Valjoux GH.
The watch is serviced and runs perfect. Not bad for a 80 year old watch!

The watch matches my other 1930s Heuer Chronograph perfectly. They share the same case and movement.

Here it is together with my 351 C/B. Catalogue is from a offer from Heuer to the Romanian Airforce in 1936. To the right is the more famous Heuer flieger chronograph. Some of them was issued to Luftwaffe. For more info see:

For more info about Heuer ref 351 C/B see:  

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