Thursday, 27 October 2016

LeJour ref. 7000 made by Heuer

This is my LeJour chronograph. This ref. number is often called a poor mans Pasadena as it's almost identical to the Heuer Pasadena chronograph. Heuer manufactured LeJour chronographs under a private-label arrangement.

This one came to as a full set with original box and some papers. The original instructions for how to set the date/day whitout damaging the movement is still in the box. Very nice!

The last owner did clearly not read the instructions as the watch had some serious issues with the day mechanism.
Never ever change the date between 8 PM and 3AM it will damage the mechanism and the day will not shift as it should.

The only solution is to remove hands and dial to get access to the problem. If you know what to do this is a easy fix. The running second hand was also missing. Happily I had a spare in my part box.

All back together again and I have a lovely tool watch made by my favorite brand Heuer.

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Anonymous said...

I bought this watch new from Feldmar watch in los Angeles in 1977. I still wear it, it maybe the fntirst watch that Heuer sold. It is fully functioning and beautiful. It is such an early model, that the dial is not marked, "made in France". The case back is marked "844". Anyone interested in this watch, can contact me at