Sunday, 24 November 2013

A little orange one

This is a little cool diver for the ladies. If you have one of the full size vintage heuer divers 980.007 or 980.005, this one will be a nice match for the lady in the house.

Ref. 980.011 28mm

There's plenty of black dialed 980.011 on Ebay, but these orange ones are rarer. Mine arrived complete with blue Heuer box and a genuine Tropic strap with a original 14mm vintage Heuer buckle.

These small diver can be picked up for a fraction of the cost of a full sized mens watch. Great fun!


Giann said...

Hi Jarl,
That's a nice one. If you ever have another one, I might be interested for my wife.
Best regards,

Jarl Fr. Rehn-Erichsen said...

Hi Gianni, they are qiute cool these small ladies watches. I sold this one at Chronotrader a few weeks ago. It sold in a flash...

My wife will not wear this small 28mm diver. She want's mens size...