Sunday, 12 September 2010

Pewter PVD ref. 982.013

Grey, but not dull vintage Heuer diver.

This a rare Pewter PVD Heuer diver. I have never seen it in any catalogues. Only known listing is in a German pricelist from 1985.
This one is the normal sized mens watch at 38mm. There is a Pewter fullsize 42mm version as well.

The price in 1985 was 580 DM. This watches come with Tropic 18mm strap or Pewter PVD 18mm Jubelee bracelet with Heuer signed clasp. I wear mine on a Tropic strap or a grey NATO band. I don't have to original bracelet. They are hard to find.

The case back on mine has the great looking Heuer logo engraved. The very first of these Heuer diver had a plain case back. No Heuer logo, just the ref. number stamped in.

The movement is ESA 536.121. This is a thick early quartz movement. Some are signed with the Heuer shield logo, others are not. This is normal. Parts is difficult to find, so try to find a working watch if you are looking for vintage Heuer divers.


Jonathan said...

hmmm.. strange. I used to have a 982.013 (i remember because it was my favorite watch ever.. even more than my omega) but it had a luminescent face and silver/grey bezel and S/S bracelet... it looked SIMILAR - but maybe the luminescent material faded into the grey that you have on yours (??)

Sang Yeon said...

Hi, Jarl

It is always a huge pleasure to read your post, especially the most recent post on servicing jumbo one.

I have a quick question to ask. I am servicing a similar model 984.013 (it is a gold plated version of your Pewter model) and not sure of the correct replacement crown . Do you know which specific crown fit into these 98x.013 models? I think you have the best knowledge in this Heuer diver field. I will keep on researching to find the correct crown and the crown tube that holds the crown in place

Thank you