Monday, 29 December 2008

Autavia caliber 15 Ref. 1563

Here's my Autavia Ref. 1563 with caliber 15. The caliber 15 version was a economic version of the Caliber 12. The hour register was replaced with a small running seconds hand at 10. To the right is the same 30min register as found in caliber 11/12.

The case is the same as Autavia 1163, and is stamped 1163, not 1563 between the lugs at 12. This is normal, I have never seen a Autavia stamped 1563.

The Autavia 1562 was listed in catalogues in the early 1970's. There was two versions, black and white. And two different bezels, tachymeter or hour/minutes. The crystal is plastic and can easily be polished to remove scratches.
The pushers is fully visible from front, and partially obstructed from back. This indicates that the case is a 1163 and was made by Schimtz.

The caseback is signed Heuer - Leonidas SA inside.

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