Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Heuer 3000 Chronograph

This is my NOS (New Old Stock) Heuer 3000 Chronograph ref 232.206. The 3000 series was one of the last Heuer design to be launch. 3000 watches can be found with Heuer only, or with Tag Heuer logo. A few have a mix of the two logos.

These early quartz chronographs has a rather interesting movement. In the automatic version, the movement is a very high quality 40 jewels unadjusted LWO 283. This is a scarce early transitional model which is an ETA 2892-2 with piggyback Dubois Depraz module. This movement was used in Heuer and Tag Heuer produced from the early 80's and shortly after the start of the Tag-Heuer in 1985. The quartz version has the same mechanical chronograph modul from Dubois Depraz mounted on a ETA 555.112 quartz movement.

My watch has the very rare original grey leather strap and buckle. Most of these chronograph was delivered with a bracelet.

The 3000 chronograph family shown in a 1984 Heuer catalogue.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Do you sell these watches in your blog? If so, do let me know. U can reach me tks

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of buying one of the 3000 Heuer watches. Do these only have a single ref number on the back (my Tag Heuers have both a reference and serial number?). MANY THANKS

Anonymous said...


Do you know if there is anywhere I could purchase Heuer 3000 Chronograph just like the one u have?

Appreciate u can drop me a line to if u or anyone has this to share. Many Tks !

Anonymous said...

What is the price of the 3000 Chrono as I am looking to buy or at least find one in either two tone or solid SS.

Colin Yeoh said...

Dear Sir / Mdm

Is this HEUER 3000 Chrono available for sale?

If this NOS HEUER is available for sale please contact me at

Thank you